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Do's and Don't's


Do make sure all posts have a preview picture.
Do post videos using MEGA or We transfer and zip the file using 7zip using a different non sexual title and use the password NOVINHOSNAWEBCAM.
The password to all videos zips is NOVINHOSNAWEBCAM. Do not ask what the password is, as this is the same pass for all the videos in the forum.
Do download MEGA and 7 zip (make sure you download correct version 32 or 64 bit version) as you will need it to open the videos when you become a member.


Do not post under age videos, if several videos are zipped together and one of the compressed videos is questionable, the entire post will be removed.
Don't keep begging for likes to post a video. Either post it or do not. Any posts begging for likes will be removed.
Do not just leech and moan.
Don't report if a video is not working, Post a comment in that thread or post a request in the request area asking kindly if that video can be reupped.
Don't keep begging for reups. When you see something you like, download it, it may not be up very long.
Do not post videos with Tube site logos.
Do not post other posters "original" content without their permission.
Do not post videos of Bisexual or Women: This is a gay forum not a bisexual or heterosexual forum. There are plenty of other forums out there for bisexual and straight porn.

-Posts may be "merged at the discretion of a moderator if a user posts more than 5+ posts per day.

All files must be zipped using 7zip and password protected using the pass NOVINHOSNAWEBCAM uploading to MEGA or obscuredfiles. By zipping them first, it means the place you are uploading your videos too, can't see what you are uploading.

-The video packs are becoming ridiculous: Posters are just posting videos from tube sites &/or are not posting the required screen shots (small images or not a screen shot for every video in the pack). Packs will now be moved to the moderation queue until a moderator has the time to download them and view them. If the back isn't filled with tube site logos and are legal, they will be moved back to the forum

Simple instructions of how and what to do are below.

Please upload videos on Mega and use 7zip to encrypt your file with a password, so it's secure. Wetransfer links die after 7 days. It just saves people asking for videos to be reposted all the time.

If you feel you need to zip your files and use a password and I would strongly encourage this for your privacy. Please use the pass NOVINHOSNAWEBCAM. All in capitals, as it is here. Do not add any other letters or numbers to the pass, just as it is written above, so it is the same pass for every password protected file.

You can use to zip your files for added security. It's very good and uses great encryption.
1. Download 7zip.
2. Right click on file. Choose 7zip and add to archive.
3. To the right of screen, you will see encryption. Click show password and and type in NOVINHOSNAWEBCAM . You will need to type it in again below to verify the password. Then tick encrypt file names at the below that and click OK.
4. File will zip with password and then drag this zipped file into mega, once you have started an account.

How to share on Mega.. takes two minutes to set up and you will get 50 GB FREE.

1. Create an account on Mega.
2. Drag your video into mega. Make sure you have zipped it and password protected it first as explained above.
3. Click the Big M in the top left hand corner to see your file. Once it has downloaded.
4. Right click your file and choose GET LINK from the dropdown box.
5. Agree it's not copyright material, even if it is.
6. Choose link with key (far right of this little window), this will enable people to download it.
7. Click copy to copy the link and paste it in here...shared....Hurray


2GB files no registration require
File only good for 7 days, after that it's gone.

If you ever want to stop sharing it in the future, you can remove it from your mega account, by right clicking it and choosing remove.

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